Valemount and the Canoe and Robson Valleys are all about supporting our community.  We believe in helping those that help us, as a village, a region, and as Canadians.  We are hosting the vALEmount Craft Beer Experience to give back.  This event is to raise money for three organizations that support our community and our country.  

We are hosting a block party-style event at our airport.  The airport is a great venue in the middle of nowhere.  It has spectacular views, great location, and spectacular views.  Yes, I said that twice.  It’s a great spot in the middle of everywhere that’s important when you are drinking great craft beverages and listening to amazing music.  It’s an event that spans two days, two venues and creates a weekend opportunity you can’t find anywhere else.  Come see what Valemount is all about and enjoy some great music and beverages while you’re at it.